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Cover Cart Vol. 1

Featuring all the NSFs from my NOFX cover set at the 2011 Halloween edition of PULSEWAVE.

Song Listing

  • Moron Bros., The Longest Line, Kill All the White Man, Stickin' In My Eye, Bob, Linoleum, Leave it Alone, Don't Call Me White, Lori Meyers, 180 Degrees, Falling In Love, Franco Unamerican

Hidden Bonus Track

  • I had about 2 weeks to come up with the set and did not get a chance to finish Kids of the K Hole in time. The unfinished track is hidden as an easter egg in the the welcome screen code of the ROM.
  • The Bonus Track can be unlocked with Game Genie code: PENTKIAA

Limited Edition Cartridges

In true Punk Rock fashion, a limited set of cartridges will be made. The Ltd. Edition Cartridges will feature a different welcome screen, and the bonus track play without the game genie code. Each cartridge will be numbered and the corresponding number will be displayed on the welcome screen.

Sign up for the email list to be notifed when the Ltd. Edition Cartridges are released.

Song Player Controls

START:Play / Pause
UP:Go to the previous track.
DOWN:Go to the next track.
LEFT:Rewind back to the begining of the curent track.