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Atari 2600 ROM Generator

Enter some Text below, and create your own personalized FunScreen Atari 2600 ROM.

  • Limit of 255 Characters

  • Add blank spaces at the end of the Text to add more time before the Text loops.
  • Text:
    Use the Atari 2600 for some lo-fi visuals!

  • Features include: Scrolling Text. Adjustable Speed, Size & Position. Different Background Patterns, plus more...

  • Compatable with: Stella (Emulator) & Harmony Cart.

  • Donate

    If you happen to find this porgram useful and would like to see other similar projects in the future, feel free to donate below. If there is enough interest then I will continue to release other customizable ROMs. Thank you :)



    Joystick 1

    UP:Move Text UpIncrease Color Change Rate
    DOWN:Move Text DownDecrease Color Change Rate
    LEFT:Decrease Font SizeIncrease Text Scroll Speed
    RIGHT:Increase Font SizeDecrease Text Scroll Speed

    Joystick 2

    UP:SolidIncrease BG Animation Rate
    DOWN:SpiralDecrease BG Animation Rate
    LEFT:Vertical StripesIncrease Color (When Color Change is Off)
    RIGHT:Horrizontal StripesDecrease Color (When Color Change is Off)


    Select Toggles Text On/Off LEFT Difficutly A Background Color
    Reset Inverse Color LEFT Difficulty B Background Black
    Color tv Turns On Color Change RIGHT Difficulty A BG Animation On
    B&W tv Turns Off Color Change RIGHT Difficulty B BG Animation Off