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FamiSlayer v6.66

FamiSlayer is a slave player for NSF files exported from FamiTracker.
Key presses on controller 2 act as the clock input, and will run the next step of the NSF.

Controller 1:
  • A    Play/Pause
  • B    Stop
  • UP    Increase Song Number
  • DOWN    Decrease Song Number
  • START    *Restart Song from begining
  • RIGHT    *Fast Forward (Jumps to the begining of the next frame)
  • LEFT    *Rewind (Resets back to the begining of the current frame)

*Designed to work with the Famitracker NSF Driver.
Screen was designed to be simple so that it would take less CPU time away from reading controller 2.

Since some of the code is derived from Vegaplay by No Carrier, compling a ROM with your own NSF file would work the same way.

  • Enter the LOAD, PLAY and INIT addresses for your NSF in FamiSlayer.asm
  • Remove the NSF header
  • Rename file to temp.nsf and compile
  • Rock out w/ your clock out!

Disclaimer: I am no expert.


Sync the NSF with LSDJ:

  • LSDJ: sync = nano
  • FamiTracker: set the speed = 3 and tempo = 150

Atari 2600 & NES Sync

Sync the NES with Atari 2600:


C64 & NES Sync